ICC T20 World Cup 2021: Updated cricket schedule, scores, results & standings

The ICC T20 World Cup began on Oct. 17 after various postponements. Originally scheduled for October 2020 in India, the T20 World Cup is now taking place in the United Arab Emirates and Oman. 

The 2016 defending champions are the West Indies, which is the only team to win the tournament two times. England holds the No. 1 ranking, while India, Australia and New Zealand are expected to challenge for the title as well.

There are 45 matches played over the course of a month, with 16 teams competing. First-round play began on Oct. 17, with teams looking to earn a spot in the Super 12 competition.

Once they get to that part of the tournament, Group 1 competition will begin on Saturday, Oct. 23, followed by Group 2 competition beginning on Sunday, Oct. 24. The groups will alternate days for competition until the semifinals begin on Wednesday, Nov. 10. The final is on Sunday, Nov. 14.

ICC T20 World Cup 2021 scores and results

Round 1

MatchDateTime (ET)Location
Oman 0/131 def. Papua New Guinea 9/129Sunday, Oct. 176 a.m.Oman
Scotland 9/140 def. Bangladesh 7/134Sunday, Oct. 1710 a.m.Oman
Ireland 3/107 def. Netherlands 106Monday, Oct. 186 a.m.Abu Dhabi
Sri Lanka 3/100 def. Namibia 96Monday, Oct. 1810 a.m.Abu Dhabi
Scotland 9/165 def. Papua New Guinea 148Tuesday, Oct. 196 a.m.Oman
Bangladesh 153 def. Oman 9/127Tuesday, Oct. 1910 a.m.Oman
Namibia v. NetherlandsWednesday, Oct. 206 a.m.Abu Dhabi
Sri Lanka v. IrelandWednesday, Oct. 2010 a.m.Abu Dhabi
Bangladesh v. Papua New GuineaThursday, Oct. 216 a.m.Oman
Oman v. ScotlandThursday, Oct. 2110 a.m.Oman
Namibia v. IrelandFriday, Oct. 226 a.m.Sharjah
Sri Lanka v. NetherlandsFriday, Oct. 2210 a.m.Sharjah

ICC T20 World Cup standings

Group A

Sri Lanka11000+2.6072

Group B

Papua New Guinea20200-1.8670

Super 12 Groups 1 and 2 scores and results

MatchDateTime (ET)Location
Australia v. South AfricaSaturday, Oct. 236 a.m.Abu Dhabi
England v. West IndiesSaturday, Oct. 2310 a.m.Abu Dhabi
A1 v. B2Sunday, Oct. 246 a.m.Dubai
India v. PakistanSunday, Oct. 2410 a.m.Dubai
Afghanistan v. A1Monday, Oct. 2510 a.m.Sharjah
South Africa v. West IndiesTuesday, Oct. 266 a.m.Dubai
Pakistan v. New ZealandTuesday, Oct. 2610 a.m.Sharjah
England v. B2Wednesday, Oct. 276 a.m.Abu Dhabi
TBD v. TBDWednesday, Oct. 2710 a.m.Abu Dhabi
Australia v. A1Thursday, Oct. 2810 a.m.Dubai
West Indies v. B2Friday, Oct. 296 a.m.Sharjah
Afghanistan v. PakistanFriday, Oct. 2910 a.m.Dubai
South Africa v. A1Saturday, Oct. 306 a.m.Sharjah
England v. AustraliaSaturday, Oct. 3010 a.m.Dubai
Afghanistan v. TBDSunday, Oct. 316 a.m.Abu Dhabi
India v. New ZealandSunday, Oct. 3110 a.m.Dubai
England v. A1Monday, Nov. 110 a.m.Sharjah
South Africa v. B2Tuesday, Nov. 26 a.m.Abu Dhabi
Pakistan v. TBDTuesday, Nov. 210 a.m.Abu Dhabi
New Zealand v. TBDWednesday, Nov. 36 a.m.Dubai
Afghanistan v. IndiaWednesday, Nov. 310 a.m.Abu Dhabi
Australia v. B2Thursday, Nov. 46 a.m.Dubai
West Indies v. A1Thursday, Nov. 410 a.m.Abu Dhabi
New Zealand v. TBDFriday, Nov. 56 a.m.Sharjah
India v. TBDFriday, Nov. 510 a.m.Dubai
Australia v. West IndiesSaturday, Nov. 66 a.m.Abu Dhabi
England v. South AfricaSaturday, Nov. 610 a.m.Abu Dhabi
Afghanistan v. New ZealandSunday, Nov. 75 a.m.Abu Dhabi
Pakistan v. TBDSunday, Nov. 79 a.m.Sharjah
India v. TBDMonday, Nov. 89 a.m.Dubai


MatchDateTime (ET)Venue
Semifinal 1 — A1 v. B2Wednesday, Nov. 109 a.m.Abu Dhabi
Semifinal 2 — B1 v. A2Thursday, Nov. 109 a.m.Dubai
FinalSunday, Nov. 149 a.m.Dubai

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