Over 80% of COVID patients in SA hospitals are unvaccinated

Vaccines, hey? The Department of Health says that over 80% of COVID patients in our hospitals are unvaccinated.

Here’s some more proof that vaccines don’t just sort of work, they save lives too. While it’s totally ok to be skeptical and maybe a little fearful of vaccines, listening to the science and medical professionals should be enough to get us all to roll up our sleeves.

According to Dr. Nicholas Crisp, the Acting Director-General in the Department of Health, the vast majority of COVID-19 patients in SA hospitals, are unvaccinated.
While we have had to change Health Minister’s and some corruption scandals, Crisp has been the man leading the vaccine rollout while all the noise went on around him.


Speaking last night, Crisp revealed that over a 7-day rolling average, the department has not seen a hospital with above 20% of patients being vaccinated.

“Across the country on a 7-day rolling average, we have not seen above 20% of people in hospital vaccinated. So it means that the bulk of the people who are in hospital are unvaccinated people. Amongst those who have been vaccinated who are in hospital, we now need to be a little bit more careful and deliberate about unpacking it. And the question is how many of those have had only one dose of Pfizer which we know covers you against mild illness but may not be so efficient against some complications that might end up in a hospital or an ICU. “

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