Stats SA gears up for first ever digital census

A trial run for South Africa’s first ever digital census begins on Monday.

Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) said on Sunday that it would test online and telephonic data collection in a trial run until 6 September.

In the 2021 census – the first South African population count to introduce digital census-taking – respondents would be allowed to complete census questionnaires on their own or with the telephonic assistance of Stats SA call centre agents.

A census provides small area data on demographics, socio-economic and living conditions of the population. Data collected through a census is used by the government and different sectors of society for policy-formulation, decision making and planning. Data collected by Stats SA is only used for statistical purposes and remains confidential.

Stats SA said in a statement that increased cellphone and technology use would allow more people to participate in the census and minimise the challenge of reaching communities that are hard to access.

Those interested in participating should register through Stats SA’s online and social media platforms.

Stats SA can also be contacted toll free on 0800 110 248.

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