Suspects snatch jewellery worth R2m during Eastgate Mall robbery

Armed robbers walked away with jewellery worth R2 million following a business robbery at an Arthur Kaplan shop in Eastgate Mall, Johannesburg, on Thursday.

“The complainant alleges that at about 11:30 while he was at work with his two colleagues when four customers entered the store one by one, they looked suspicious and his colleague pressed the panic baton before she started to help them,” police spokesperson Captain André de Jager said in a statement on Thursday.

This was followed by one suspect pointing a firearm at her demanding to gain access to the jewellery cabinets, he said.

He added: A security officer from Eastgate Mall responded and when he entered the store the suspects overpowered him and disarmed him of his official firearm.

The other suspects, who were also armed, then demanded a key for the cabinet where the watches are displayed and took several before fleeing the scene.


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