AKA tests positive for COVID-19, warns those with symptoms to get tested

Supa Mega AKA will share his COVID-19 recovery journey with the public while in self-isolation.

Rapper and South African musician AKA has tested positive for COVID-19. According to a statement released on Friday 10 July, he chose to make his result public in an effort to create awareness about the virus. 


In an attempt to caution citizens and encourage them to be more careful in their daily interactions with others, AKA chose to make his positive result public. He has also pleaded with those who are experiencing symptoms, to get tested as soon as possible.

“AKA pleads for everyone to adhere to social distancing guidelines, to wear masks and to hold stringent hygiene measures by frequently sanitising and washing our hands,” the statement read. 

The statement went on to say that AKA has been taking the necessary precautions, stipulated by WHO and the government, since the announcement of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Due to COVID-19 becoming a “very real part of many lives in South Africa,” AKA will be sharing his recovery journey with everyone whilst in self-isolation as he aims to be as transparent as possible about his journey with COVID-19. 

Shortly after the formal announcement, the Supa Mega himself tweeted: “I’m looking forward to de-stigmatising this whole thing. It seems like people only sit up and pay attention when it happens to public figures or those close to them. Unfortunately at some point, we are all going to catch it.” 

“As soon as you feel that cough coming on, that headache … weakness in your muscles. Chills at night. Trust me. Go test asap. There’s places where they do the swab at the back of your throat, not that insane up your nose one. Do it so you can know what you dealing with,” said AKA. 

“Feeling strong and quite upbeat actually. Let’s see how the next week unfolds. Stay tuned,” he added. 


Gauteng has recently become the country’s COVID-19 epicentre. As of Thursday 9 July, there are 238 339 COVID-19 cases in the country. A total of 3 720 deaths have been reported. Gauteng, at the time of publishing, had 81 546 COVID-19 cases.

On Wednesday 8 July, Health Minister Zweli Mkhize while addressing Parliament, announced that South Africa had reached “the surge” in COVID-19 infections. 

“Honourable House Chairperson and Honourable Members, we have now reached the surge. The storm that we have consistently warned South Africans about is now arriving,” he said. 

Source: https://www.thesouthafrican.com/

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