Covid vaccine: Why these US workers won’t get jabbed

Joe Biden has been urging US employers to issue ultimatums to their staff: get vaccinated, or lose your job.

The president says he will soon bring in a mandate that requires all healthcare workers to have had the jab.

And he has urged states to do the same with teachers.

In Concord, it is striking to see some of those attending a large protest against vaccine mandates wearing hospital scrubs.

Leah Cushman is prepared to lose her nursing job rather than get vaccinated.

“My beliefs are religious. I believe that my creator endowed me with an immune system that protects me, and if I get sick, that’s an act of God.

I would not take a medicine that affects the immune system,” said Ms Cushman. She denies there is any conflict between these beliefs and the responsibilities of her job.

Ms Cushman argues that the Covid vaccines remain “experimental”, despite the Pfizer vaccine having full Food and Drug Administration approval in the US – meaning the FDA considers that enough data has been gathered to indicate the drug is safe and effective.

Leah Cushman
Leah Cushman says she no longer takes any vaccines

Managers who have already decided to impose vaccine mandates at their hospitals say it is primarily about making patients feel safe.

But Scott Colby, CEO of the Upper Connecticut Valley Hospital, acknowledges that he has lost several medical staff over the issue of the vaccine mandate.

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